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Stock Broking

On-Line Platform :
We believe that in today’s times, efficiencies in order placement, execution & reporting, increases manifold by embracing technology. We, therefore provide an online platform that accomplishes these objectives. Human intervention is available but not preferred.
Research Process :
An on-line platform does not equate to absent research. Our research process is typically an amalgamation of both a top-down as well as a bottom-up approach, supported by focused study of the broad domestic and global macro-economic environment.
The research process couples assessment of quality of management, analysis of balance sheet and study of valuation metrics. This is supplemented with analysis of technical indicators to arrive at investment decisions. This blend of qualitative & quantitative analysis undertaken in conjunction with macro-economic & bottom up analysis allows us to provide consistent superior recommendations.
Our recommendations are a result of both our in-house proprietary research supported by relevant external research. Our interface with the management includes research meetings, analyst meets, AGM participation, telephonic and email discussions.
Investment Philosophy :
revolves around maximizing risk-adjusted returns for our clients in the long term. Through solicited responses, we classify risk averseness of our clients into the following categories:
Assertive and
    Based on the above, we recommend portfolios that are in sync with your own risk profile & time frame.
As we don’t live in a static world, these portfolios developed at the beginning of our relationship will also metamorphose in terms of market capitalization of investments within the portfolios, their riskiness as well as a number of other important characteristics. Through ‘re-balancing’, we bring these portfolios in tandem with your risk taking propensity at the time of re-balancing & time frame.

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