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A prudent investor would be missing out on an entire asset class if he were not to take an exposure in commodities. Following are some types of commodities that
Agro-Commodities: These include commodities such as sugar, rubber, soybeans & jeera
Precious Metals: such as gold & silver
Ferrous Metals: such as steel
Non-Ferrous Metals: such as copper, aluminum & zinc
Currencies: such as U.S. Dollar, Euro & Yen
You can participate in commodities & currencies through the following investment vehicles on our on-line platform :
Commodity Futures
Commodity Funds
Exchange Traded Funds
Our Investment Philosophy :
Higher Risk Adjusted Return
Consistent Returns
Customized offerings by linking to financial goals
Constant monitoring of funds
Research Process :
We understand the challenges that an investor faces today in making decisions to invest in mutual funds. Our endeavor is to weed through the apparent web of mutual fund universe and simplify mutual fund investing for you so that you can execute your transactions easily online.
After a detailed analysis is conducted funds are ranked with respect to the peer group as under on the basis of both Quantitative (absolute returns) & Qualitative (consistency) parameters:
'A’ rated funds - form the top 10 % funds & are very good funds
‘B’ rated funds - form the next 20% & are good funds
‘C’ rated funds - form the next 40% & are average funds
‘D’ rated funds - form the last 20% & are below average funds
‘E’ rated funds - form the last 10% & are poor rated funds
Model Portfolio :
Model Portfolios make your life simple. Monies are allocated in various proportions in different types of mutual funds such as large-cap equity, mid-cap equity, long-term bond funds, gold etf, etc based on your risk profile. A model portfolio gives you a cookie cutter approach to allocate your monies in a sensible way.
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